Picture Day & End of Day Schedule

A few notes/reminders:

  • First of all a reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday, September 22nd) is picture day. Extra envelopes are available in the front entry.
  • Second, a reminder about our daily schedule. Our kids are done each day at 2:50. In order to load the buses at the end of the day we release in two waves. The first group heads to the cafeteria to load the buses at 2:45 and the second shortly thereafter with the last bus pulling out at 2:50 to head to the Middle School. 2:45 is also the time we start lining students up who are getting a ride home. Our bus load times have been staying pretty consistent. We thought this information would be helpful to those who pick up their children at the end of the day. We realize parking and space is quite cramped and appreciate your patience when picking up your child. If you’re picking up your child the time that they have been meeting you at the door should now stay pretty consistent. We hope that this helps you plan your afternoon.
  • In closing, if you haven’t checked out our school website yet and have access please check us out at: http://www.isd318.org/cohasset We’ll continue to add information throughout the year. I’ve been posting items in the Principal’s Pad about once a week. We appreciate any input or suggestions that you may have that would make the website more beneficial to you and your family.

Have a great week and thank you for your time!


Sean Martinson

Principal Cohasset Elementary School



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