Fire Drill & Lunch Forms

Good evening again!  This is  second of three messages this week.  Thank you for your patience as both items are important for our children.  One item is about a Fire Drill that we are holding and the other is about a form that is very important to funding programs at our school.
First of all, we wanted you to know that tomorrow (Wednesday, September 23rd) we will be having a fire drill in the afternoon.  Please remind your child that this is just a drill, we’ll be talking about it at school as well.  The drill is one of five fire drills which we are required to hold each year.  We don’t announce all of the but we do warn everyone the first couple times so kids know that they are coming and can practice ahead of time.  This drill also serves as a reminder to be talking with your family about fire safety in your home.  Just sending out this note even served as a reminder for my own family to go over our plan at dinner time.

I also wanted to talk about some information that went home in the Tuesday Folders.  There’s a note that talks about the importance of the Free and Reduced Lunch forms.  These forms were mailed out in the Fall and I believe Food Services will mail another one at the end of the month for families that have not yet returned it.

I think what many people don’t know is that this program also provides money for our school to spend on educational support and materials through a program called Title I.  Title I is a Federal program that provides funding to schools to improve mathematics and reading instruction for students.  Every child that qualifies for Free or Reduced lunch generates money for the school district to use.  We can only generate these funds by filling out and returning the Free and Reduced Lunch Form (even if you don’t think you qualify).

This past year Cohasset did not qualify for Title I (partly because of low overall percentage of students qualifying and the number turning in paperwork).  What this means is that our school did not generate any funds for our children.  However, thanks to Federal Stimulus Funds we’ve been able to continue fund our Title I program for this year.  The Title I program helps fund three part time Title I Reading Instructors at Cohasset.

So, the good news is that for this year we will continue to have Title I support.  The bad news is that if we do not qualify for Title I next year we will lose the support of those three valuable positions.  As I mentioned earlier, we can only qualify for these funds if families turn in the Free and Reduced Lunch Form.

We’ll have extra forms at the Open House Thursday night and I’ll be available to answer questions on this as well.

Just one more call this week and you won’t hear from me…. for a little while.  Thank you for your time, and have a great week!
Sean Martinson
Principal Cohasset Elementary School

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