Help Murphy School

On Wednesday, May 30 Murphy Elementary School will be holding their school Fun Day.  During this time they will also be holding a “Test Drive” fundraiser very similar to what we did last fall.  From 11-2pm on this day their school will receive $10 for every person (with a valid driver’s license) that takes a test drive.  I know when I took one here at Cohasset it took me about 10 minutes total from the start of signing up to a drive around the block.

So now to the long winded reason why I’m sharing this…. you don’t have to be a parent or member of their school to take a test drive.  It would be greatly appreciated, if anyone that is able to, takes a test drive at their school.  I know that our school really benefited from raising funds last fall.  It was quick, easy, no kids had to sell things, and you don’t get any follow up from the event unless you choose to.  I want to say we raised over $2500, those funds went to purchasing iPods for classrooms, a purchase we couldn’t have otherwise afforded.

So, if you can or can share this with others, please consider dropping by Murphy School at this time on this date (5/30/12 11-2pm).  10 minutes of your time equals $10 for their children.

Edna I. Murphy Elementary
822 NE 5th Ave
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

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